Ben Slip born in the Red Centre, lit his musicial fire in Stock camps around the campfire, playing songs & beats on the billy/coffee tin. Ben grew up learning to read and write by HF Radio (School of the Air). He was a bush kid, a Territory kid.

Today with melodies and lyrics, Ben Slip holds the centre in his heart and in his songs, living for the Territory big sky. Drawing from his roots.

Living in this vast beauty and open space, filters through his music today.

Ben’s influences.. U2, Sound Garden,Bruce Springsteen, Prodigy Ramstien, Tool, Metallica, T Rex, and many more great names. He lives to go… look, listen, learn and submerge himself in Festivals and concerts, and as a drummer and melody lover, Ben heads for the boiler room for Dance, Trance and Beats

While travelling world wide he has been playing and composing his songs with a balance of happening melodies, grunge and home grown lyrics, which venture across life, love, home and world issues

The Red Centre is his love, life, and inspiration Ben Slip gets air play on local, Territory and Nation wide Radio

He performs around Alice at bars, cafés and Festivals

In the recording studio Ben with a couple of mates plays the Skins, Guitars, the key’s, vocal’s and co song production

Australian Gigs

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Alice Springs Festival - "Club Fever" - 2002,'3,'4,'5
Alice Beanie Festival - Araluen Centre - 2004
"The Lane" - Alice Springs
Sean's Bar - Sunday Jam Sessions - regular
Todd Tavern - Jam Sessions
Tsunami Benefit Concert - Alice Springs 2005
Bardopio's Cafe - Alice Springs - occasional gig.
Darwin Festival - 2005
Mindil Beach Markets - 2005
"The Gov" - Adelaide - March and again in May 2006 - see latest news

International Gigs


Zosh Bar - Tucuskie Strath, Berlin. Played a gig in the Kellar Bar (Tucholsky Stratt)

Air Time


Ben Slip gets Air Time on Radio Stations:-

  ABC Territory Radio
  Centre FM - Alice Springs
  8HA Radio - Alice Springs
  CAAMA Radio - Alice Springs
  8CCC Radio FM - Alice Springs